Architectural / Healthcare Signs

The fundamental purpose of an Architectural and Institutional signage system is to communicate information and to facilitate circulation and “wayfinding”. Corporations, office buildings, institutions, public services, and industrial complexes all utilize some type of signage medium to relay massive amounts of information, directions, warnings, function, and services to employees and the general public. Often times, this is not done in an orderly, planned, cohesive manner – the end result being mass chaos, visually and functionally.

Gardner Signs, Inc. believes that an effective sign system takes into account: the variety of needs or functions the signs must address; the different audiences the signs are geared to; the architectural and environmental surroundings; the long term usage and flexibility criteria and, of course, the budget. We carefully analyze and evaluate each one of these factors in order to design, specify, and/or fabricate the most responsible, effective system possible for our customers.

Health Care Facilities count on Gardner Signs, Inc. to identify entire Hospitals on both the Exterior and Interior including A.D.A compliant signage . We also specialize in local and regional facilities identification wether it’s a medical center or specialty surgery center Gardner Signs, Inc. can fully handle your Health Care identification needs.