LED & Electronic Message

Gardner Signs, Inc. offers a wide range of electronic signage to our customers. Message centers and time and temperature units put our customers directly in touch with consumers and give them the ability to advertise their products and services to an ever-growing mobile market.

Full Color L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diode) spectacular displays are available for large projects such as stadiums, arenas, and casinos.

LED has become one of the preferred avenues for signage applications. Gardner Signs, Inc. supplies many customers with different types of LED products.

Many of our restaurant customers now use LED on all of their exterior signs as well as LED on their buildings to draw attention for potential customers. Interior LED signage is also common and is always done to proper code specifications.

Time and Temperature units in combination with logo signage give customers the ability to draw attention to their company logo and enhance top of mind awareness. These units also act as a public service to the community and become landmarks in many cases.

Many of the units mentioned here have the capability of full animation, video links, time and temperature, and off site operation. A central office can communicate with their signs on site or across several states. This is a benefit for retail customers.